In his youth, Fletcher compiled a collection of 300 VHS tapes carefully documenting the years 1996-2007 across terrestrial and satellite. His parents would prefer he had not.

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We preface a new season of The Evening Glass by looking back at a 12 months so impressive it took 13 just to catch up – the kinda year where it’s only when you’re sat post-Chrimbo adding Funny CowHostilesFirsts Man and Reformed, M:I:6, Spider-Verse and Leave No Trace to a top 10 of increasing numerical inaccuracy that you remember – hang about, Three Billboards and Phantom Thread were in 2018, too!

Fletcher’s joined once again by comedy’s Aidan McCaffery to take us through this rare vintage and its subsequent Academy Award nominations. It’s easy to hold the Oscars at arm’s length, and we do – one should no more look to a televised Hollywood awards show in Los Angeles, California for annual cinematic validation than expect a meaningful discourse on the administration of EU fishing quotas when speaking to a haddock. But, in fairness, an institution which has overlooked male American directors in nine of the last ten ceremonies, but which has also honoured David Lynch literally a third of the time, can’t be all bad. They have finally sorted one out for Deakins. And, this time Spike’ll be there!