In his youth, Fletcher compiled a collection of 300 VHS tapes carefully documenting the years 1996-2007 across terrestrial and satellite. His parents would prefer he had not.

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When VHS was king, we weren’t so proud or so wealthy or so cognisant of copyright law that we wouldn’t use the opportunity to dub the rental the night before it went back to the library. Even the most sophisticated cineaste requires multiple viewings to properly parse the subtleties of the text at hand, and paying cash money to rent Mannequin Two: On the Move more than once was sufficient grounds to be sectioned under the Mental Health Act (1983). With that in mind, since comedy’s Aidan McCaffery was already at O.S.S Ealing to offer his reflections on 2018, of course we jumped at the chance to hold him back another hour to ask what he’s looking forward to in 2019. Our business manager calls it “maximising return on investment”. Aidan’s legal counsel calls it “false imprisonment”. While the courts decide, here’s some of what we’ll be watching at the cinema in 2019.