Luke has been a film fan since first seeing Jurassic Park at the Odeon in Ipswich, UK back in ’93. The Odeon is gone but the doughy-eyed sense of idealism remains.

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Has the office Christmas party left you hungover and even more jaded that you’ll never get that promotion because NOW your boss has seen you dance the macarena with a half-rolled cigarette and fully vomit stained H&M shirt?

Then allow yourself to nussle into the sweet bosom nostalgia, which is always calling like a siren’s song.

We all know the 80s and 90s were better as kids. No Christmas debt. No responsibilities. And a wealth of terrestrial Christmas movie premiers to look forward to.

Films that were released theatrically almost a decade ago (E.T.) and films that you discovered for the first time and immediately imprinted with, for no reason other than it was on tele on Christmas Eve and you could STAY UP for it (Cliffhanger).

We go back in time, a cruise the TV Guide to see what we were all watching, and what we had the VCR set for.

A big thanks to the people at for their exhaustive historical listings, and to all the wonderful human beings who recorded films and Christmas, and then uploaded the announcers and ads to YouTube. You are heroes.

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Happy Holidays.