The Man in the White Suit

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Returning from another of our now customary three-month hiatuses (listen, man, the sun was out, you dig?), Episode 26 of The Evening Glass finds Fletcher and guest Aidan McCaffery fresh from an opening weekend-screening of Todd Phillips’ Joker and ready to rock and roll (part 2) with an hour of reaction, commendation, dissension and debate.

Bust a move to the flicks, load this sucker up on the next day’s morning commute, then come back at us with yer own opinions on the most stimulating comic book adaptation of the year. And when processing the surprisingly agitated response of some decidedly yellow journalists, consider that 30 years ago, mainstream critical consensus aka whitey opined with pearl-clutching condemnation that an incendiary new work would inspire its black audiences to, naturally, riot. They happened to be talking about the best American film of that year, and any year since – Do the Right Thing.