The Man in the White Suit

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In Issue 25 of The Evening Glass, we discuss a divergent brace of cult sci-fi visions. The kitsch embrace of a shag carpet zero-G space pad hosts Luke as his DVD A to Z continues with Roger Vadim’s camp classic Barbarella, while it’s from the altogether less salubrious environs of a Soho all-nighter that Fletcher files fevered dispatches on Panos Cosmatos’ hypnagogic Beyond the Black Rainbow.

We also touch on Cosmatos’ drug-drenched follow-up, Mandy; present our pick of July’s cinema releases – so get yer diaries out; and, digressive as ever, there’s time as well for fleet-footed forays into football fandom, Stranger Things, and to what extent every person younger than us has without doubt been irrevocably traumatised by science phones. Technology, kids – just say no!