The Man in the White Suit

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In the thirty-some years Luke, James and Fletcher have shared the planet, Hollywood has released no film better than Spike Lee’s Do the Right Thing. One Sensational Shot honours the 30th anniversary of that release with two new issues.

Later in the month on The Electronic Labyrinth, Luke and Fletcher go scene-by-scene to explore and understand Do the Right Thing‘s marvelous riches as an incredible work of cinema.

Here, in Episode 27 of The Evening Glass, Fletcher discusses the film, its cultural conversations, and, as usual, every bloody other thing else as well with Spike Lee novice comedy’s Aidan McCaffery.

We’ve sought to reflect the maturity, the honesty, the dexterity and the precision of this challenging work. If we’ve done our job, we hope it’s on that level with which you’ll engage and enjoy.