Luke has been a film fan since first seeing Jurassic Park at the Odeon in Ipswich, UK back in ’93. The Odeon is gone but the doughy-eyed sense of idealism remains.

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‘By Any Means Necessary’, we emerge from the cinema to talk about Spike Lee’s latest Joint, which offers a chilling, if not darkly amusing look into white supremacy during the 70s. Or, you know, any time.

In any case, Topher Grace also has a good role in it, so we’ve used the opportunity to launch ‘TSS Watch’ – a feature that allows us to keep up with the cast of one of our favourite prime time sitcoms from the 2000s.

Luke continues his DVD A-Z with Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. A spoof/parody movie which predates Airplane! by two years and still gets an awful lot right. (Side note, you can hear us talk about the Zucker’s classic parody pic right here).

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