The Man in the White Suit

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Comedy’s Aidan McCaffery is an apostate. He has renounced his longtime comic congregation, the London Metropolitan Elite Church of the Woke & Vegan Reading Annex, and treads now the path of the born-again Leodensian. With his microphone a shepherd’s crook, he will tend to a new flock among the earthy ribaldry and casual xenophobia of the working mens clubs of the North. His cancel culture card has itself been cancelled, cut into pieces and pressed upon the clacking tongues of the devoted, to be swallowed as sacrament. In its place, a membership with Cooplands Rewards and a set of vouchers for use weekdays between 5 and 7 at any of Leeds City Centre’s 12 Wetherspoons locations.

In advance of Aidan’s exodus, Fletcher Walton secured his presence at O.S.S. Ealing one last time to discuss the biggest cinema releases of 2020 – but naturally not before an opening 45 minutes of acerbic, insightful, culturally necessary blah blah blah. Ee, and indeed, bah gum!