The Man in the White Suit

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The Evening Glass has long functioned as a clearinghouse of relative topicality for whatever Luke and I happened to like at the flicks or on TV that month. But it’s always been our intention to expand into other areas of interest, as soon as we could come up with some witty names. There’ll be One Sensational Sound, a repository for discussions of our musical tastes. The literary wing of the burgeoning criticism empire will, naturally, be labelled One Sensational Sentence. And we were all set to launch One Sensational Sprite this spring, but then I beat Luke best-three-out-of-five at Mario Kart and he announced his retirement from Nintendo effective immediately, so that was that.

One moniker we have nailed down (probly) is One Sensational Strike, a catch-all term granting us the requisite latitude to discuss in the same single stream our loves of football, militant trade unionism, and “Big” Ern McCracken from Kingpin. For our pilot issue – perhaps that should be pre-season friendly? – I’m joined by my old pal Tim Anderson, for a chat about lockdown viewing habits, Disney favourites, top flight football’s return to BBC broadcast after more than three decades away, and Kenny Fucking Powers. Enjoy!