In his youth, Fletcher compiled a collection of 300 VHS tapes carefully documenting the years 1996-2007 across terrestrial and satellite. His parents would prefer he had not.

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We’re on brief hiatus as our Ealing studio moves up to the road to new digs. It’s no small project.

We shopped it round our favourite Hollywood heavy-hitters. Abrams got a nosebleed right there at the lunch counter. Coppola consoled us, wished us luck, promised he’d send a bottle of Inglenook if we made it out alive. Billy Friedkin offered only a prayer. Jim Cameron said he already had enough on his plate with Avatars 2, 3, 4 and 6 but, oddly, not 5. Lucas suggested why don’t we just do it with computers. And Bay’s advice was, “Explode its dick off, bro; also, there’s some soldiers.”

As you await our return, look out for Part 5 and Part 6 of our guide to the best of last year, and have a dekko at our pictorial preview of some of the marks we’ll be hitting in the next ten months.

See you in March!