Luke has been a film fan since first seeing Jurassic Park at the Odeon in Ipswich, UK back in ’93. The Odeon is gone but the doughy-eyed sense of idealism remains.

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Two big players in the 1998 Oscars, Titanic and As Good as it Gets got the Academy excited with the story of an obsessive-compulsive and a boat which probably could have done with a few more obsessive-compulsives at least looking out for icebergs.

James Cameron’s Titanic was nominated for 14 Academy Awards and won 11. As Good as it Gets had half the nominations (still pretty darned impressive) and notably won two for best actor and actress (for The Joker and Helen Hunt respectively).

Anyway, we have a look at how they may have held up. Does Cameron’s love letter to a ship still justify its 3 hour running time and 3D conversion? And why did James L. Brooks suddenly go quiet on the feature film run?

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